Below are some of the common questions asked about The NZ Baptist Missionary Society (NZBMS).

Who is NZBMS?

NZBMS is denominational overseas mission organisation of the Baptist Churches of New Zealand. Sitting under NZBMS as the parent 'brand' are 4 arms or entities each with a different focus.

• Tranzsend - sending and ministry
• Banzaid – aid and development
• Mission World – resourcing and mobilising
• Marketplacers International – business

When was NZBMS established?

In October 1885 at the Assembly of the Baptist Churches of New Zealand, the gathering voted unanimously to establish the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society. Within months the first missionary, Rosalie MacGeorge, was sent out to work with the Bengali people in India. Others quickly followed, creating over a century of missionary endeavours by New Zealand Baptists in various parts of the world.

Where does NZBMS work?

The primary geographical region of focus is South Asia, East Asia and SE Asia with some focus in the Pacific. However through the partnership with Mission World, we seek to encourage, mobilise and resource NZ Baptists - individuals and churches - to wherever in the world that God may direct

  • Introducing our new BMF Presidents

    At the recent Baptist Hui, Murray and Yvonne Smith were commissioned as President(s) of the Baptist Missionary Fellowship. Meeting in Baptist Churches around New Zealand, BMF groups provide a prayer base for NZBMS. This is the first time the President’s role has been shared. We asked Murray and Yvonne a Read More
  • Where moth and rust corrupt…

    That’s what most people think when they hear the word archive – mouldy old papers, disintegrating books, and faded photographs. It’s true that sometimes I encounter all three of these, but mostly the material that I work with is in much better condition. I’m the self-appointed archivist for the NZBMS since Read More
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