changeI’m resisting the movement of time. We are not in the third quarter of 2017 and it’s still the height of summer!

No, I can fight it all I want but the reality of new calendar months, darker mornings, and event deadlines has caught up with me. I need to intentionally shift my thinking from where I would like to be and into the reality of now.

It’s a little like when we consider what God is calling us to. It’s usually more comfortable where we’re at right now; it’s familiar, routines are sorted, and we know what to expect. Change? We often try to avoid it.

But the movement of time means new phases are inevitable. Retirement, a new job, changing family circumstances, or a new physical location; in changes like these, we need to be prepared for a degree of discomfort, challenge and relearning. Eventually we will resettle; as long as we are intentional about it, embracing the challenge with open eyes and an open mind. If we fight to keep the familiar and the comfortable, we will never adjust to the new and may miss out on the potential of the next.

Change is an issue we at NZBMS engage with constantly. Personnel need to be aware of God’s calling to go or to stay. In leaving one place there is adjustment; a leaving behind of familiar routines and practices for new ones. We must be aware of how God is calling us to new field ministry activity. We consider how God is leading us – New Zealand Baptists – to partner with him in mission. None of this is straightforward, but then it’s been said that nothing worthwhile is ever easy!

Perhaps you’re facing a new phase as God calls. May you be intentionally embracing of that, in all it offers.

Rachel Murray

NZBMS General Director

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