A moment in time

I was enjoying singing “Hosanna, hosanna, here comes the King of Peace” on Palm Sunday in our local church. There didn’t seem to be much peace in our city, but I prayed that each person there would find peace in their hearts.

I noticed a young man at the back of the church. I hadn’t seen him before. He was sitting right at the back and he slipped out during the final prayer. I was preaching on Good Friday and noticed him there again- right at the back. I headed to the metro station to go home, and there he was, standing on the platform waiting for his train. And we started to talk. He shared that he was searching for peace for himself and his people. All too soon his train came- and went, and he stayed talking. Then my train came and I got on, only to be told by The Father to get off and finish the conversation. The next train going his way came, and he left.

On Easter Sunday he was at church again. It was communion and after everyone had been served, he walked right up to the front and took the bread and juice- an act of real courage! As I served him, he said, “Today I have taken His name.” Once again he left before the end of the service.

I did not know his name, and often wondered what had happened to him. I’m trusting that The Father has used our brief encounter for His good and purposes.

Article written by an overseas worker in South Asia.