Leaving a Legacy

This last month or so I have been having lots of fun sorting through old photos of our staff and where they worked. We have literally hundreds of old photos of people and places – and there are two more boxes waiting to be looked at.

As I have sorted and tried to work out if the image is worth keeping, I have been reminded of the breadth of work the NZBMS has been involved in. Alongside our current areas of work, we’ve worked in the Congo with Peter and Sue Bryan, we’ve worked in France with the Beans and the Weatherheads, we’ve had 14 families working in the Solomon Islands in the 1980s, we’ve had folk in Hong Kong, Irian Jaya, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and in Bangalore and Tripura. As I pondered this history, I have wondered at the contribution that they have made and a legacy that they have left. I thank God for each of these servants of God, and trust Him that He will reward these faithful workers in His time.

As I have sorted through the photos of our previous overseas staff, I have often wondered (out loud at times to the annoyance of the office staff) what has happened to these folk over the years since they returned to New Zealand. Where are they now? What are they doing?

We would love to know more about our past overseas workers and so if you are one of them, or can give us news of any of them, please get in touch. Use the Facebook page or my email 
You will make my day!!

Susan Osborne 
(NZBMS Archivist)