A Tribute to Marjorie Dovey

Tributes are flowing in for the much-loved Marjorie Dovey (nee Turner) who passed away peacefully on 12 August 2017, aged 98. 

Marjorie served with NZBMS for 15 years (1944-1958); a time characterised by faithful obedience and sacrifice, as well as the pouring out of blessings, encouragement, and reward. 

Known to friends and family as Marnie, Marjorie left the comforts of New Zealand as a single woman and headed to Tripura- a land where she would call home, and a new people that she would grow close to as family. 

After Marjorie had completed her language study, she felt called to move to the Jampui District to work with the existing church there. In doing so, Marjorie was one of the first NZBMS missionaries to live in a semi-remote location. Her strong desire to teach and encourage the local people, and to share the Good News of Jesus, particularly with the Riang and Chakma people who lived nearby, is something that is greatly treasured and remembered.

Marjorie has played a big part in the faith journeys of many people, and she is adored by the people she served for her warm, loving and caring heart. At the hearing of her passing, the Tripura Baptist Christian Union (TBCU) and St Paul’s School closed their offices for a day, and announced it would be a day of mourning. This act alone shows the great deal of respect the TBCU and others, have for Marjorie and the work she has been a part of in Tripura. 

Prior to moving to Tripura, Marjorie was a trained journalist and elocution teacher; however, upon reaching Tripura she directed her focus more toward the health and education of those in her community. Her writing and language skills were greatly appreciated however, and were later used to prepare written teaching materials for the Mizo people in their native language.

Marjorie returned to New Zealand in 1958 to care for her elderly parents. Before leaving, Marjorie made sure the Mizo people fully understood their responsibility in sharing the Good News with their neighbouring tribes. A truth that holds true for us all today.

While back in New Zealand, Marjorie still cared deeply for the people God had sent her to serve, and she continued to serve them from afar. Marjorie continued to write literature for those who lived in Jampui and remained a faithful supporter of the work in Tripura during her lifetime.

In 1994, Marjorie had the pleasure of returning to Tripura as the church celebrated the centenary of the arrival of the Gospel. During that visit, Marjorie wore traditional Mizo dress. She was laid to rest in the same outfit, a beautiful reflection of her deep love of Tripura.

We are greatly blessed to have a strong and passionate woman of faith as part of the NZBMS team. We honour her for her obedience to God’s call, and rejoice with her as she is with the Lord her Saviour.