Teachers, We Need You!

You may have heard about the exciting opportunity to provide an online platform of extra learning materials to complement the Bangladesh school curriculum nationally; an opportunity with the potential to significantly impact Bengali education. 

If you are a teacher or have been a teacher in the past, our team can use any help you can give! The goal of the project is to build networks and use teachers from all over the world to populate this online platform with learning resources. 

Currently, every subject and class taught in the Bangladesh school curriculum is provided with a textbook that has been prepared by the government. We have electronic copies of these textbooks and want to provide links to learning resources for each important concept. 

Please read on to see how you could help. 

To help us progress with this project we need:

1) People who are willing to donate learning materials they have created themselves.

2) People who are willing to link open access learning materials to the relevant textbook sections.

3) People who are willing to coordinate and curate the donated resources and links so that one textbook is adequately resourced.

If you are interested please:

• Fill out this Google form https://goo.gl/forms/SlsL2XDnK... with your contact details, subject expertise, and commitment level. We will be in contact. 

• Recruit the help of fellow teachers! 

Finally, we have two additional opportunities to further progress this project:

1) Someone who has design skills and would like to make a logo for this platform

2) Someone who is inspired by this vision and is willing to donate 5-10 h of their time using administrative skills to help coordinate and oversee the entire project. This can be done remotely, but we are also open to someone who wants to donate several months and come to Bangladesh full-time to facilitate this transformative project! 

We plan to begin in January with class 6,7 and 8, and then proceed with all other classes. Middle-school teachers be ready to be contacted first!

Thank you so much for your consideration. We really believe that this will benefit children's education in Bangladesh.