BMF Special Offering 2019

NZBMS Staff Conference, 29 December 2019- 3 January 2020

The opportunity for our team to connect with those outside their immediate work environments, and geographical boundaries, is greatly valued, and appreciated, given it happens so rarely due to busy and conflicting schedules.

A gathering like this helps those invited to understand in greater depth, how God is using NZBMS and its people in a variety of ways. The first of these all-in NZBMS conferences was held in 2007, where it was suggested that conferences should be held every four years.

Since the second conference in 2015/2016 we have seen a large turnover in staff- both in the NZ office, and overseas. As a result, many of the NZBMS team do not know others outside of their own field contexts.

By gathering together as a NZBMS ‘family’ we are given an opportunity to hear from each other, understand current practice and situations, absorb the updates and news from New Zealand and the field regions, have good spiritual input from external speakers, discuss and network with each other. The ultimate goal is to be spiritually, mentally and physically refreshed, inspired and encouraged; and to do so in a Kiwi way.

We will also use the conference as a means to look forward together as a team, and to explore what the future might look like for our staff.

The staff conference has been chosen as this year’s BMF Special Offering focus as a way to highlight just how important such an event is for the longevity of our people and our work overseas.

This year, those who will attend include:

  • Long term Tranzsend overseas workers
  • NZ based personnel
  • Local Associates (key local leaders)
  • Mission Council Members
  • Baptist Union leaders
  • Keynote Speakers

As we prepare for this event, we ask that you would please keep us in your prayers. We also ask for the Lord’s blessing on our organisation as we meet together to celebrate and reflect on the work God is doing across Asia.

We hope that you see this event to be as important as we do, and will consider giving towards the Staff Conference.

It is a significant event in the NZBMS calendar.