Common Myths About Missionaries

Our amazing archivist came across this picture last week, as she was ruffling through her boxes of archived files. A list of common myths about missionaries. How many have you heard of? How many do you still believe to be true? Are there any you would add?

  • Always up to date on correspondence.
  • Always serious- no humour.
  • Always says “Praise the Lord”.
  • Never flinches at foreign food.
  • Never homesick for family, McDonalds or shopping malls.
  • Always welcomes unexpected guests with a smile and freshly baked cookies.
  • Always a servant spirit.
  • Never chafes under cultural differences.
  • Always enjoys being put on a ‘missionary pedestal’.
  • Always wears old-fashioned clothes.
  • Never worries.
  • Always prays long, impressive prayer.
  • Always drives beat-up cars and uses Brownie camera to prove how un-materialistic he is.
  • Always witnesses boldly and confidently.
  • Never disciplines children in anger or disagrees with wife.
  • Never nervous to speak in front of others.
  • Never plays tennis or swims while others are working.